Anima Noctis Becomes Astra Noctis

November 7, 2023

Two years ago we started the Anima Noctis project to try to pass on something to our son Alan, who is autistic. For more than two years we worked under that name without knowing that another studio, also from Valencia, had been publishing video games and novels for almost 20 years using the name Anima.

One day they contacted us and in a friendly way told us that two projects with such a similar name and both being from Valencia could be confusing. We both agreed that it was best to change the name of Anima Noctis to something similar but that did not use the word Anima.

This is how we began the path of renaming and rebranding the game. A path that has finally finished its main phase. First we allowed our followers to vote on social networks for the new name and after we had the winner, Astra Noctis, we proceeded to eliminate all advertising posts and any trace of the previous name.

Finally we created the new logo and made some small changes so that the identity of the game fit well with the new name. This is how our game became something more "astral". We included references to constellations and redid the entire UI look.

Thank you all very much for the support during all these days and we move forward with Astra Noctis!