Astra Noctis is a 3D side-scrolling video game, with a dark and gothic theme, very focused on combat. It is from the metroidvania genre although it has strong inspiration from other video games such as Dark Souls or Castlevania. The video game consists of about 10-15 hours in total with a medium degree of difficulty, although mastering it perfectly will require many more hours of play and will involve a high difficulty.

Project Astra Noctis is born out of a profound love for Metroidvania genre games, particularly the classics of Castlevania. Metroidvania games have become immensely popular, and titles like Hollow Knight and Blasphemous have breathed new life into the genre while raising its quality standards significantly.

That's why we believe it's a good time to add a little extra Castlevania flavor to the Metroidvania formula once again. Our proposal is to set the video game within a castle, making it as formidable as any boss you might encounter, somewhat akin to what was seen in classic Castlevania games.

At the begining of the game we don't know the protagonist's name, but when others refers to him, they call him "exile"." He was once a member of the Guard of the Goddess QUOD, but now lives by wandering through other planes of existence and offering his services to the highest bidder. One day, the exile receives a letter from one of his former comrades, urgently requesting his presence at Heraldia Castle to reinforce security. They suspect that something is wrong and that they are in danger. The game begins with the protagonist returning to his former home using a Plane Portal, but as soon as he arrives, he realizes that something is amiss.

No familiar faces have come to greet him, and the castle seems overrun by creatures. The exile must venture into the castle without permission to uncover what is happening, something he knows is extremely dangerous.

Heraldia is the central plane that connects all the planes of existence created by the Divine Parents QUOD and KAI. The castle contains portals to all these planes, and to safeguard these entrances, the castle is designed as a deadly trap for anyone attempting to enter without permission.

Within the Castle of Heraldia resides the Goddess QUOD, Mistress of Existence, along with her personal guard, to which the protagonist once belonged. The guards, stewards, and servants are tasked with maintaining the castle in optimal condition, protecting it, and equipping it with lethal traps. There is no fortress in the entire cosmos more impregnable than Heraldia Castle.

Stats indicate your character's power or ability in certain aspects. Throughout your adventure in Astra Noctis these stats will be increased and reduced by the items and improvements you can obtain. Below you can read the description of the stats to understand them better:


Life or health is the statistic that separates you from death. Every time you take damage your life points are reduced and if they reach zero, you will die.

Some stories say that wielders of divine weapons can benefit from the power of the gods and achieve great improvements in this stat.

Maximum health possible is 999.

The Creation

In the beginning, before the existence of the cosmos as we know it, only the void existed, if one can say such a thing. Structure without consciousness, prelude to everything that would be to come. Just as light begets darkness, the primordial emptiness begets fullness. This was made up of QUOD and KAI, conscious, absolute beings and the very representation of existence and time respectively.

The heart of the QUOD Goddess beats with passionate devotion to change. His divine essence delights in the ceaseless dance of transformation that envelops the cosmos. QUOD, with its divine power, created matter and everything inert. He distributed his creation on different planes and deposited different types and quantities of his essence on them. Each plane, a unique and extraordinary dimension, became home to a vast universe.

However, QUOD understood that creation was incomplete without the element of time. It was necessary to promote change to create something unique. It was then that KAI, the God of Time, joined the cosmic dance. With his presence, he infused matter with cycles and motion, providing them with a precise and constant rhythm. The matter isswirled in galaxies, planets and from these seas, mountains and life emerged. Everything arose from the QUOD essence but at the same time, it would not have been possible without KAI's time.

The Primordial Gods

QUOD: The first deity. Known as the Goddess of Existence who sacrifices a little of her being so that other things and beings can exist. Before her there was nothing since QUOD is everything. She is represented with the vortex symbol which also represents existence itself. She is a kind, loving, orderly and altruistic deity. She dwells in the castle of Heraldia which controls access between planes of existence.

KAI: The Lord of Time, a transcendental being, played a pivotal role in collaborating with QUOD in the creation of the various planes of existence. As the absolute ruler of time, he holds sovereign control over all movement, cycles, and actions that exist. While he is demanding in nature, his justice is unquestionable, making him a god entirely devoid of the warmth that characterizes QUOD. His representative symbol is the iconic hourglass, symbolizing the immutable flow of time.

PARADISE: The Paradise plane was QUOD's favorite from the get-go. In it, the demigoddess EVA rules, giver of life, who thanks to the essence of QUOD with which she was created can grant life to the beings that live in her Paradise. It is the plane in which humanity lives, one of the most beloved EVA creations by QUOD.

PLANE OF PAIN: The plane of pain is dominated by the demigoddess DOLORES, known as the mistress of suffering. When the demigods of other planes decide that someone or something requires a special marriage, they banish him to this plane in which DOLORES will give him a welcome quality and an eternity of torment.

SPECTRAL KINGDOM: ALASTOR is the one who dominates the spectral kingdom and is known for being the father of some famous creatures from the Paradise plane known as Vampires. On this plane all non-physical or formless creatures exist. Specters, shadows or ghosts are some of the creatures that live on this plane.

THE POISONOUS WELL: If there is a plane that is considered a fetid and filthy well by most gods, it is The Poisonous Well. Her ruler, BELLADONNA, shelters and creates creatures that are deadly on contact to most beings from other planes because, as she says: "There is also beauty in being an existence that simply kills everything around you."

FORTUNA PLANE: The Fortuna plane is the place where superior beings, that is, demigods and divine beings with the ability to wander between planes, come to have fun. The Demigoddess KICHI ensures that her visitors have all kinds of games and entertainment within their reach, and in some of them they may even risk their lives.

FROZEN REALM: In the frozen realm, also known as the realm of stillness, SULENU tenaciously dominates. As a demigoddess of storms, the stillness and cold can freeze any lower-ranking being just by looking at it if she chooses. SULENU is cold and calculating and many think she is the most dangerous demigoddess of all the planes.

IGNEOUS REALM: The demigod FLARE is the very incarnation of fire. It welcomes into its plane all creatures whose existence is based on combustion and flames. There was a time when his relationship with SULENU was very close but due to an incident their relationship was cut short and now they are sworn enemies.

ELECTRIC REALM: Every being formed by electrical energy or with the ability to dominate and shape electrical charges is born in the electrical field. BARAK is one of the most just demigods and rules with an iron fist over them all, guarding the energetic balance of this strange plane of existence.

In Astra Noctis the members of the QUOD guard were gifted by the goddess with Anima Weapons. These weapons boost their wielder's abilities and offer some very powerful special effects. Additionally, each weapon can unleash a special power that consumes the energy of its wielder.


Vita Dantis is the weapon that QUOD gave to the Exile. It is characterized by being very protective of the life of its wearer and is even capable of regenerating its wounds in record time.

Vita Dantis is the most balanced soul sword, is a little arrogant and will usually remind you that "she is the only one who can create life among all his sisters."